CECI N'EST PAS UNE front end développeur.






Aimed at licensed medical doctors, they can compete with each other in a gamified environment that rewards both performance and engagement.

At the core, the idea that while the path to the top of the ranking is an individual quest we planned for a shared experience to build some sense of community.

The platform can power any skin/concept/storytelling and has been under 5 iterations so far.

The platform follows the player across any device as it's crafted with responsiveness as a priority.

At the end of the day what you don't measure is gone so the platform reports every action/event to the admin of the game in a private area.


Over the years we’ve hosted thousands of players across different companyies and divisions within. In 2019 we are crossing the ocean and launching our first game for México.

Most game mechanics we've shipped swing around concepts like appointment or status dynamics, adapted and ported to a learning environment.

Challenge other users to a duel

Weekly challenges with limited life span

Status of players online filtered by proximity

Real time notifications to users

Test replay with errors and answers

Live master class with real time chat

Legal certification




Been exploring 3D development with three.js for both web (React, vanilla JavaScript) and apps (Expo).

Take a look at this proof of concept: a padel builder, where you can customize players outfit + style of play + level + court position.


My side project for 2019 is to build an Augmented Reality playful app for iOS with React Native and Expo.

Still in pre-development stage evaluating how ambitious will it be.

CSS will ruin your life unless you pay your respects. This is my minimal boilerplate.

While I love working close to the metal/browser apis React has changed the way I code.

Firebase & lit-html content management system boilerplate for your next F.F.F project.

Minimal SSR with Firebase functions calling a Firestore db with vanilla JavaScript.