At the core of my work stories and code, combined they are like spells that turn humans into something else.

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I play padel with pasión and track my performance by input-ing data after each match to get stats and insights.

Free, app-like for iOS, go get it

All time favs

  • fastenfilms.com fastenfilms.com fastenfilms.com
  • allthose.org
  • catwars.org

Complex tech can be hard to ship, that's why I care about the process, not only the output. Iterations are trust based. Visit Fasten or All Those, sadly CatWars.org is no longer online.

Open Source (OSS)

    Most of my recent works are in React, these are some of my contributions back to the ecosystem. More on github.

    'I am large, I contain multitudes...'


    I've been co-running Tvrbo , a small dev shop in Barcelona for few years, we started by chance, build upon the traction of a succesful project.

    We call it a gamification platform, aimed at licensed medical doctors where them/they can compete on knowledge around a specific medical condition. It has iterated in features and themes over the years and spread to the other side of the ocean.

    B.T (Before Tvrbo)

    My blossom started at the creative department of scpf where I worked as copywritter for brands like BMW, IKEA, Mini or Vueling with the talented Jacobo Concejo as art director.

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    BMW opening T4 Barajas Airport

    Later on I set new homes at seis grados with Daniel Calabuig as game master of the first 'clicks and bricks' massive geocaching game in Spain.

    My travels finally let to Vice Spain as creative director where I worked with Andrés Reymondes for brands like Audi, Timberland, Puig...

    'Side' projects

    Let's honour those ideas that did not survive Time.

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    The future

    Touch my logo to email me if you feel our goals for 2020 are aligned.