I mix stories and code. They *really* like each other.


write complex interfaces.

interface screenshot

An interface is a bridge to achieve something , made up of a wild combination of materials. Some ideas here


measure instagram influence.

Catwars.org was the showcase of Tvrbometrics, a suite for understanding and invest better in influencers


co-run a webs&apps boutique.

Tvrbo.pro with Aleix Perdigó and Jordi Moraleda


write stories, ads, content, and experiences for brands.

BMW opening T4 Barajas Airport

Copywriter with Jacobo Concejo as art director at SCPF and creative director at Vice Spain reporting to Andrés Reymondes


create massive 'clicks and bricks' game.

Cazadores de Experiencias

Cazadores de experiencias reporting to Dani Calabuig


ship colabs

Diegle 💘 with Daya Muñoz (2008-2009)